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The year...1922

Andrew Szegvari, inventor of Attritor particle size reduction equipment

As Dr. Andrew Szegvari prepared to display his new liquid latex process for making rubber goods at an exhibit in Paris, he needed an extremely fine sulfur dispersion to complete the vulcanizing process. Conventional ball milling methods in 1922 would have taken as long as a week to obtain the fineness he required.The problem…not enough time.

Szegvari hit upon the idea of using pebbles, a gallon can, a drill press, and a special agitator he designed for the drill bit to achieve a fine dispersion. In less than an hour, he invented an apparatus that would produce exactly what he needed.

That first apparatus, employing the dynamics of grinding media in random motion, marked the beginning of a new media milling technology, a process now known as Attritor grinding and dispersing.

In 1946, Dr. Szegvari founded Union Process, operating in a small plant in downtown Akron, Ohio.The new company’s mission was to develop grinding and dispersing technology to help customers make fine dispersions quickly, reliably, and inexpensively.

The original Szegvari Attritor®, a batch machine, evolved into new machine designs—Continuous Attritors for online production, Circulation Attritors for very narrow particle size distribution and even small media mills for grinding to submicron or nano-range particles.

After more than 20 years of constant growth, the company moved in 1968 to its present location, a custom-built research, design, and production center just outside of Akron.This Midwest location provides convenient access for customers who choose to visit the Union Process headquarters.

Union Process today

Union Process’s Akron plant and headquarters

Scores of patents, refinements and advancements later, Union Process milling technology now plays a vital role for many Fortune 500 companies in a wide array of industries including chemicals and tungsten carbide. In addition, the foremost chocolate and confectionary processors, ink, paper, agricultural flowables, metal, magnetic oxide, coal, mineral, rubber, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and ceramic producers all employ Union Process milling technology.

Union Process maintains a global network of licensees and agents with the expertise to assess, analyze, sell and service customers’ needs.

Whether it is manufacturing innovative laboratory mills for R & D or producing large mills capable of grinding tons of material per hour, Union Process is dedicated to remaining on the forefront of milling technology.

Today, in addition to building its line of grinding and dispersing equipment, Union Process maintains a tolling processing plant and research lab that helps companies develop and produce their products.

ISO 9001:2015 with Design

ISO 9001:2008 with Design certificate

In 2014, Union Process was certified to ISO 9001:2015 with Design.

The quality assurance process covers the design and manufacturing of size reduction equipment, the manufacturing of rubber based ink, and as a provider of lab and tolling services for the industrial and commercial markets.


Arno Szegvari
Arno Szegvari

A graduate of Harvard University, President & Chief Executive Officer; Arno Szegvari became General Manager of Union Process, Inc. in 1980. Since then, Mr. Szegvari has built the Union Process Attritor line of mills into one of the most recognized lines of size reduction & grinding equipment available today. His business leadership and savvy continues to lead Union Process into break-through innovations in the size reduction industry including Wet & Dry Grinding Attritors, Cryogenic grinding systems, as well as metal-free systems for ceramic and/or other highly specialized applications. More recently, his vision has led to Union Process' introduction of the Small Media Mills series (DMQ horizontal & SDM series) for sub-micron (nanometer range) particle size applications. Mr. Szegvari understands the importance of taking care of Union Process customers with the highest priority which has led to and will continue to be the foundation upon which the company has built its impressive global business.

Brian Li
Brian Li

Chuck Major
Chuck Major

Jackie Tasker
Jackie Tasker

The Union Process Inc. Sales Management Team infuses technical expertise and industry knowledge with strategic marketing and customer service. With extensive experience in various industries and applications, The Union Process Sales Team will work closely with you to understand your goals, and then recommend solutions for your specific size reduction needs. They offer solutions in Toll Grinding/Toll Milling, Wet, Dry, and Cryogenic Applications, Particle Size analysis (laser-diffraction & surface area analysis), highest quality Grinding Media, OEM Spare Parts, and most importantly, invaluable expert recommendations for optimum efficiency of your process. The Sales Management Team is led by Brian Li, specifically concentrating on the Western United States and Mexico; Chuck Major, who handles the Eastern United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada; and Jackie Tasker oversees the International Business Unit. The Union Process Inc. Sales Team also includes highly trained sales & service agents covering all parts of the globe with the knowledge and expertise to help you find solutions to your size reduction needs.

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   R&D LAB
Margaret Yang
Emery Li

The Union Process R&D Laboratory/Technical department includes a state-of-the-art laboratory test facility as well as pilot plant to accommodate production scale-up, and extended testing. The R&D Team, led by Director Emery Li, relies heavily on milling experience and chemistry background. Collectively, the Technical Team has well over 100 years of industry knowledge to support their efforts in processing. In addition, the Lab Team utilizes an historical data-base for accurate research to supplement their efforts to help them assist you in your process. The Lab/Tech Team partners and consults with customers to determine the process type and set-up to best meet their needs. Then they will work together with the customer to perform lab or pilot plant testing to ensure that desired results will be attained. This testing process gives Union Process Inc. and its Customers the confidence needed to pursue and expand the possibilities of particle size reduction.

To schedule a lab test, simply submit the appropriate online Trial Form or please view our video: Anatomy of a Lab Trial at Union Process.

Rick Wochele
Rick Wochele

Engineering plays a vital role in new product development, production and mill design, as well as improvement/refinement of existing mills to handle specific applications. The Engineering Team, led by Rick Wochele, uses the highest standards and finest details to custom design your Attritor mill specific to your application. Design innovation and quality process developments are critical factors for Union Process Inc.’s long-standing and continued success in the grinding industry. Our Design Team has the knowledge and experience to help develop, refine, or improve your process parameters to maximize value and efficiency.

Brian Li
Ron Sloan

Once a mill has been designed, the Production Team, led by Ron Sloan begins the step-by-step process of custom-manufacturing your Attritor mill to specification. Engineering and Production work hand in hand to ensure the highest quality control standards are met to uphold the Union Process brand. Customers will specify various options unique to their application, and the Production Team takes great care to meet those demands without room for error. This emphasis on quality assures that every product that ships from Union Process Inc. will meet the highest expectations of the customer. This attitude on quality control has made the Union Process Attritor known throughout the World as one of the most “reliable, & robust, mills that can also produce repeatable results.”