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Coatings Applications for Bead, Batch & Circulation Mills

Coatings manufacturers rely on circulation and batch mills in both horizontal and vertical configurations to create their products. By their very nature, coatings comprise a wide-ranging set of markets: basically, if there’s a surface, someone, somewhere has created a coating for it.

Industries that use coatings include aerospace, automotive and other OEMS, as well as such vastly different fields as research, paper production and infrastructure supply.

Coating Applications

The ubiquity of coatings underscores the important functions they perform, such as:

  • Reducing friction
  • Preventing corrosion and contamination
  • Hardening blades, drills and other tooling
  • Resisting temperature extremes

Certain inherent coatings qualities, like friction reduction or tool hardening, present highly specific challenges during the milling process, but Union Process has the expertise to provide the right mill for even the most difficult coatings applications.

In particular, our bead mills, Q Series circulation Attritors and S Series batch-type Attritors are well-suited for processing coatings.