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Lab Ball Mills

Different materials of construction for the tank, shaft and arms can be specified including metal-free accessories and systems to meet the user's application needs. Alternatively, ball mills operate using a rotating tank with no agitating arms.

Attritors are best specified when the starting particle size is between 325 mesh up to 1/4". For starting particle size of 1/4" or larger, a laboratory ball mill is probably the most appropriate choice. For starting particle sizes less than 325 mesh, one should consider a laboratory small media mill such as the laboratory DMQ-Mill or SDM Series from Union Process.

In addition, lab Attritors offer other advantages including better temperature control, the ability to grind under inert gases as well as liquid nitrogen. Additionally, no expensive shaft seals are required. Different tanks, covers and other accessories can be purchased for the same mill making the mill very versatile.

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