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New Lime Slaking System from Union Process Inc., and Chemco Systems, L.P.

Union Process, Inc., of Akron, Ohio, and Chemco Systems, L.P., of Monongahela, Pennsylvania, have jointly developed a lime slaking system that takes advantage of the efficiency of a Chemco detention slaker and Union Process C20 Attritor Ball Mill to produce a high quality lime slurry and eliminate grit disposal and its associated problems.

The advantage of this process over the existing systems is that the Attritor mill will be used to grind five to ten percent of the total volume of the slaked lime. This results in substantial savings in investment, lower

operating costs, less power consumption, versus large horizontal and vertical ball mill slaking systems. The process also eliminates grit handling and disposal and permit requirements. The C20s will grind the grit to smaller than twenty mesh and the ground grit is blended into the lime slurry and fed to the process.

The system is designed to operate continuously producing hydrated lime slurry forflue gas desulfurization in power plants or water and waste water treatment in industrial processes.

Attritor is a registered trademark of Union Process, Inc.