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Union Process Develops New Tank Construction Featuring a Replaceable Bar Grid and Removable Ball Valve for Laboratory Attritor Mills

Akron, Ohio. . .Union Process, known globally as a manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersing equipment, as well as a supplier of grinding media and material characterization services for a broad range of research and industrial applications, has developed a new optional tank design that features a removable bar grid and ball valve for its 01 and HD01 Lab Attritor models.

This feature (replaceable bar grids and a removable ball valve located under the tank) now makes it much easier for slurry to be discharged in a fashion similar to how it is handled in the company's larger S1 series laboratory mills. The tanks are available in both the 750cc and 1400cc sizes.

The tanks are available in stainless steel or Tefzel-coated for metal-free applications. These water-jacketed, one-piece construction tanks will fit on all existing 01 and HD01 frames and are compatible with shafts, arms, and covers from those series of mills.

Since 1946, Union Process has been developing and building custom Attritors for customers with a wide variety of applications all around the world.

Union Process is the inventor and developer of Attritor technology and manufactures wet and dry grinding mills as well as horizontal bead mills.

Attritor is a registered trademark of Union Process, Inc.