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Union Process Manufactures CL300 Attritor for Processing A Silica-Based Slurry for the Construction Industry

Akron, Ohio. . .Union Process, Inc., known globally as a manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersing equipment, as well as a supplier of grinding media and materials characterization services for a broad range of research and industrial applications, has manufactured a CL300 Attritor for processing a silica-based slurry for the construction industry.

Chuck Major, sales manager for Union Process, noted, "We worked with the customer at our pilot plant in our facility to test their material and ultimately to determine what type of equipment would work best for their particular application. Even though prior to this application, we had manufactured CL Attritors exclusively as part of a limestone grinding system, our pilot plant experience told us that a CL300 would be ideal for this customer."

The CL300 mill has a unique design that allows for continuous feeding of dry materials and liquid simultaneously with no need for pre-mixing. Additionally, media separation screens are not utilized or needed for this mill. Initial feed size can range up to 10mm and in some cases, larger. A 250 HP, non-explosion proof motor with a variable frequency drive powers it. The grinding tank is rubber-lined stainless steel and has a gross volume of approximately 390 gallons. The mill includes a two-piece 316L-stainless steel cover with a Teflon floating seal.

"The customer is going to get a lot of throughput production from one Attritor," noted Mr. Major.

Since 1946, Union Process has been developing and building custom Attritors for customers with a wide variety of applications all around the world.

Union Process is the inventor and developer of Attritor technology and manufactures wet and dry grinding mills as well as horizontal bead mills.

Attritor is a registered trademark of Union Process, Inc.

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