“S” SERIES For Standard Batch Grinding Applications Batch-type Production Attritors are designated as “S” (Standard). When specially configured arms are ordered as an option the model designation becomes “SL.” When a torque meter is added to a machine, a “T” is added to the model designation. Batch Attritors range in size from a 16- gallon gross tank capacity to a 600-gallon gross tank capacity and from a 5 HP motor to a 150 HP motor. These versatile and easy-to-maintain grinding mills have been successfully used in a variety of industries to grind everything from chocolate to tungsten carbide. In addition, Attritors can be produced to meet the requirements of even the most stringent applications such as the electronic ceramic market. For this application, Attritors are available with metal-free systems to assure a contamination-free environment. Batch Attritors offer the advantage that the material can be inspected any time during the grinding cycle. Therefore, adjustments or formulation additions can be accomplished without stopping the machine. Attritors are ideal for long-term, heavy-duty, semi- and fully-automated production operations. They may also be used in conjunction with programmable controllers in highly sophisticated production environments. Advantages 10 TIMES FASTER THAN BALL MILLS SIMPLE TO OPERATE ENERGY EFFICIENT NO PREMIXING REQUIRED MINIMUM MAINTENANCE REQUIRED RUGGED CONSTRUCTION COMPACT DESIGN NO SPECIAL FOUNDATION NECESSARY On Cover: Model S-100. Ceramic-lined tank with sleeved arms, plastic air diaphragm pump with plastic piping, TEFC electricals. 3 visit