“SC” SERIES For Tungsten Carbide Applications High density material such as tungsten carbide requires a specially designed heavy-duty Batch Attritor. The “SC” Series Attritor meets this special processing requirement. Available with tank capacities ranging from 7 gallons to 245 gallons and horsepowers ranging from 7.5 to 125, these powerful grinding mills feature a tapered tank to reduce load on the bottom arms for easy starting. A special lifter arm raises media and product off the bottom of the tank. Arms are sleeved with tungsten carbide to reduce wear and contamination. The tank has a ball discharge valve and media discharge chute at the bottom for easy removal of media. A water-cooled cover with a floating teflon seal minimizes solvent loss. ATTRITOR MODEL SC-5 SC-10 SC-15 SC-30 SC-50 SC-75 SC-100 SC-150 SC-200 Gross Tank Volume (gals) 7 12 20 42 62 87 117 161 245 Slurry Capacity (gals) 2.5-3.5 4-6 7-9 18-20 25-28 35-39 45-50 68-75 90-100 Media Volume (gals) 3 5 8 18 26 37 47 71 94 HP 7 1 ⁄ 2 * 10 15 20 30 40 50 75 125 Height 73" 86" 86" 92" 98" 102" 104" 118" 126" Floor Space (W x D) 36"x 64" 59"x 42" 59" x 42" 65"x 48" 72"x 54" 78"x55" 83"x56" 89"x64" 94"x72" Machine Weight (lbs) w/o media 1,700 2,400 2,700 3,700 4,600 5,000 6,500 8,900 11,000 Water-cooled cover with floating shaft seal, cooling water manifold, air diaphragm pump and circulation system. Mechanical variable speed explosion-proof drive system with ammeter, tachometer, start/stop pushbuttons, and speed controls. SCT-100 ASME-coded cooling jacket, water-cooled cover with floating shaft seal, filter in discharge line, torque meter, actuated valves, double air diaphragm pumps, explosion-proof electricals. The tungsten carbide Attritor is also available with an optional torque meter to precisely measure energy input for determining processing time. A worm gear assembly attached to the tank allows the tank to be tilted. In this position, the shaft and arms can be easily removed and/or inspected and the grinding media changed, if necessary. All models come complete with a pumping system which is used to circulate material during grinding and to discharge product. * Features variable speed drive motor SC-30 ENGINEERING DATA 5 visit