UNION PROCESS ATTRITOR TECHNOLOGY. Attritor technology began as an idea developed by Dr. Andrew Szegvari. That idea grew to become the basis for Union Process, Inc. – and one of the most efficient grinding and dispersing technologies in the world. Today, in addition to the chocolate and confectionary industries, Union Process Attritors are used in virtually every industry including the chemical, agricultural, rubber, ceramic, paper coating, metal powder, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Union Process Attritors are fast – up to ten times faster than conventional ball mills. They’re safe, easy to use and maintain, require minimal space, are quiet and energy efficient with good temperature control. And Attritors produce fine, homogeneous dispersions with a very narrow particle size distribution. © 2005, Union Process, Inc. ® Registered trademark of Union Process, Inc. CIRCULATION ATTRITORS PASSAGE OF A SMALL & LARGE PARTICLE THROUGH A LAYER OF AGITATED MEDIA Q-50 ATTRITOR with stationary arms. The circulation grinding Attritor (“Q” machine) is a combination of an Attritor, pump and a large holding tank about ten times the size of the Attritor. The Attritor is filled with media and contains grids which retain the media while the slurry is pumped through at a rapid rate. The circulation Attritor rapidly pumps the material to be ground (slurry) through a confined bed of small agitated grinding media. The media acts as a dynamic sieve – the fine particles pass through easily, and the larger particles are ground more finely, resulting in a narrow particle size distribution. The slurry makes several passes through the Attritor until the desired particle size is reached. Additional ingredients can be added at any time and the slurry can be continuously monitored. Processing can be precisely terminated. When the chocolate liquor has a high moisture content and/or high viscosity, the tank can be equipped with stationary arms, as an optional accessory, to prevent the entire charge from sliding. The Circulation Attritor has the advantages of good temperature control due to the large, jacketed holding tank. RETAINING SCREEN RETAINING SCREEN 2