DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS ARE APPROXIMATE. * Varies according to motor HP. ATTRITOR MODEL S-5 S-10 S-15 S-30 S-50 S-100 S-200 S-400 Gross Tank Volume (gals) 9 16 24 52 81 155 309 597 Slurry Capacity (gals) 4-5 7-9 10-12 23-25 34-37 70-75 140-150 280-300 Media Volume (gals) 5 9 12 25 37 75 150 300 HP 3-5 5-7.5 5-10 10-20 15-25 20-40 40-75 75-150 Height* 79" 80" 83" 89" 97" 106" 121" 147" Floor Space (W x D) 34" x 63" 52" x 42" 52" x 42" 61" x 43" 74" x 50" 82" x 56" 88" x 72" 108" x 80" Machine Weight* (lbs) w/o media 1500 1800 2200 3100 3500 5000 8800 14,000 ENGINEERING DATA Some models have specially configured arms to enhance production. These units are designated with an “L” as in “30SL”. STANDARD FEATURES All Attritors can be equipped with various accessories and custom designed to meet your specific needs. The special 450% starting torque motor can be provided with different voltages such as 380 or 550, and with 50 cycles. Special “quiet” motors with 82 dba rating are also available. Variable frequency drives are available for all machines. Besides providing the flexibility of variable shaft speeds, they also provide an LCD display of agitator RPM, motor AMPS, and motor HP being used. Viking gear and Waukesha pumps are standard. Other pump types can be provided to meet special requirements. GRINDING MEDIA Union Process carries the highest quality chrome steel, carbon steel and stainless steel grinding media available. TECHNICAL SUPPORT We maintain an experienced staff of highly skilled technicians to assist you in meeting your chocolate grinding needs. You are welcome to attend a laboratory test run of your material, after which a complete lab report will be provided including all test data, processing recommendations and estimated production rates to meet your requirements. PRODUCTION BATCH ATTRITORS For very viscous applications such as chocolate and nut paste, the batch Attritor can be used. It has the advantage of allowing ingredients to be added directly to the grinding chamber without premixing. A pump can be supplied to aid in discharging the product from the grinding chamber. A gear tilting assembly facilitates easy removal of the agitator shaft for maintenance or cleaning of the grinding tank. S-200 With remote variable frequency drive 1-S 01-HD ATTRITOR with variable frequency drive ATTRITOR with variable frequency drive 1925 Akron-Peninsula Road, Akron, Ohio 44313 Phone: (330) 929-3333 • Fax (330) 929-3034 Web: E-mail: LABORATORY BATCH ATTRITORS Batch Attritors are ideal for formulation research and studies where only a small quantity of test material is available or needed. Many accessories are available to meet various research criteria. For complete information and specifications on Union Process laboratory Attritors, please request our Laboratory Grinding Mill brochure or download it from . Union Process, Inc. reserves the right to make improvements or change machine and equipment designs at any time without notice. Information contained herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but our suggestions and recommendations cannot be guaranteed because the conditions of use are beyond our control. Photos shown may include options that are not standard on that particular machine. “Apparatus, Process and/or Product protected under one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 4,979,686; 5,080,293; 5,199,656; and other pending patent applications as well as corresponding and related foreign patent rights.” ® Registered trademark of Union Process, Inc. Form No. 905-5M