Laboratory Model (Q-2) The laboratory Attritor model Q-2 comes complete with variable speed drive motor, tachometer, 5 or 10 gallon stainless steel jacketed holding tank with anchor stirrer and high-speed stirrer. Cover seals for a completely sealed system are available. For complete metal-free systems, the Attritor tank can be lined and the arms sleeved with ceramics. The holding tank can be HALAR® or nylon-coated. Variable speed pump – gear, lobe, or air – is provided. Complete slurry lines (stainless steel or plastic) with valve and quick disconnects are provided. Special instrumentation can be added if desired. The Q-03 mini laboratory-sized circulation grinding mill is ideal for users who wish to perform lab trials with very small samples (from 1/2 gallon to one gallon) but still gain the advantages of a circulation grinding system. This small research Attritor offers the advantages of a circulation grinding mill including a high circulation pumping rate, narrow particle size distribution, good temperature control and the ability to sample and make formulation adjustments at any time. ATTRITOR MODEL Q-03A* Q-03B** Q-2/QL-2 Q-6/QL-6 Q-15/QL-15 Q-25/QL-25 Q-50/QL-50 Q-100/QL-100 Grinding Tank Capacity (gals.) † 0.37 0.37 2.6 8.2 17 27.5 56 111 Media Volume (gals.) † 0.30 0.30 2.2 7.5 15 25 50 100 Recommended Holding Tank Capacity (gals.) 1 2 or 3 5 or 10 75 150 250 500 1,000 HP †† 1 1 3-5 7.5-15 15-25 25-40 50-75 100-150 Pumping Rate ††† (gpm) 0.4 0.4 3.5 11 22 35 70 130 Total Height (A) 42" 75" 82" 74" 86" 96" 120" 124" Base to Discharge Spout (B) – – – 32" 37" 43" 53" 59" Floor Space (W x D)*** 29" x 27" 43" x 33" 44" x 49" 33" x 46" 37" x 53" 41" x 60" 50" x 70" 63" x 78" Weight (lbs.) w/o media*** 330 640 1500 1800 3000 4000 6500 9900 ENGINEERING DATA Tefzel ® is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont deNemours Co., Inc. HALAR ® is a registered trademark of Ausimont, USA, Inc. “Apparatus, Process and/or Product protected under one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 4,979,686; 5,080,293; 5,199,656; and other pending patent applications as well as corresponding and related foreign patent rights.” Union Process, Inc. reserves the right to make improvements or change machine and equipment designs at any time without notice. Information contained herein is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge, but our suggestions and recommendations cannot be guaranteed because the conditions of use are beyond our control. 1925 Akron-Peninsula Road, Akron, Ohio 44313-4896 Phone: (330) 929-3333 • Fax: (330) 929-3034 unionprocess@ • ® Registered trademark of Union Process, Inc. For more information on our complete line of production and laboratory mills for grinding and dispersing, request a copy of our literature or download a copy from our website at . Grinding Media Union Process offers a large selection of highest quality grinding media. Materials range from steel to various ceramics to glass. A Union Process representative can advise you about which grinding media is best for your application. DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS ARE APPROXIMATE. *Q-03A — Bench Top **Q-03B — With gear pump, large holding tank and mounted on frame riser Circulation Attritors designated as “QL” include specially configured arms and disks for special applications. † Less for lined tanks. †† With high density media larger than 3/16", and with QL models, higher horsepower is required. ††† Pumping rate is somewhat lower with ceramic grinding media or higher viscosity slurries. ***Dimensions and weights are for complete system. (only models Q-03A, Q-03B, and Q-2/QL-2) Q-2 Q-03 Mini Laboratory Model (Q-03)