Design . . . From design through manufacturing, inspection and shipping, Union Process personnel adhere to strict quality control measures to assure that your mill will meet and exceed the requirements of your application. 4 Specialized Size Reduction Solutions Tailored ToYourNeeds Long before a grinding mill is manufactured, prior to any purchasing decision, and well in advance of actual material grinding, the experts at Union Process begin the work of solving a size reduction challenge. Only after data is gathered and analyzed are options offered to the customer. Analyze . . . To begin, Union Process analyzes the customer’s size reduction requirements. From initial feed size and desired final particle size to chemical and physical properties such as viscosity, pH, temperature sensitivity, and handling precautions, all variables receive careful and thorough analysis. For efficiency, formulation adjustments may be recommended to achieve the optimum processing results. Contamination from grinding media and other wear components can be reduced to minimum levels by the selection of compatible materials of construction.