Evaluating grinding media is a critical part of the analysis. All Union Process grinding medias are tested for wear, consistency, reliability of manufacture and suitability for the specific milling application. Union Process offers a complete choice of the best available media. Grinding media can be ordered at the same time as milling equipment, or obtained separately. Once the analysis of the application is complete, Union Process makes its recommendation as to which specific grinding solution will best meet the company’s needs. Union Process will consider the type of mill (small media mill or wet or dry grinding Attritor), size of mill (laboratory or production) or type of processing mode (batch, circulation or continuous). Test . . . Union Process performs a lab test on the customer’s material in its fully equipped, technologically advanced on-site laboratory. Both wet and dry grinding laboratory mills are available for testing customer-supplied materials. The results are then evaluated by the customer or analyzed utilizing advanced instruments and procedures available in the Union Process laboratory. Evaluate . . . Particle characterization techniques include a laser diffraction instrument, surface area analyzer, x-ray sedigraph and Fisher Sub-Sieve, as well as high-power microscopes and grind gauges.Torque and amperage may be monitored during the milling process to calculate power consumption. The customer receives a detailed lab report that includes all test data, processing recommendations and estimated throughputs based on the customer’s production requirements. At this point, the customer may decide to proceed to larger scale evaluation of the material, utilizing the Union Process pilot plant. Union Process operates a fully equipped pilot plant facility which simulates actual production conditions.The pilot plant contains mid-size and full-size production equipment for conducting scale-up studies or to make larger quantities of test product. Recommend. . . Union Process helps customers choose the most cost-effective milling solution for their needs, based on test results, plant requirements, and desired production rates. If special engineering is required, Union Process’ team of engineers can design custom systems to meet any process requirements or customer specifications. Build. 5