SD SERIES VARIOUS TYPES OF CERAMIC LININGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL MODELS * For ceramic media, less horsepower is required. On Cover: Model SD-200 Dry Grinding Attritors with ASME coded cooling water jackets for special closed loop cooling system. Union Process SD Dry Grind Attritors are ruggedly built machines with specially designed, two-speed, high starting torque motors. They are also equipped with jacketed, stainless steel tanks and tilting mechanisms for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Features and Options ■ All eight models can be outfitted to operate in either batch or continuous mode. ■ All models equipped with ammeter. ■ When metal contamination must be eliminated, tank liners and arm sleeves of tungsten carbide or various ceramics can be applied. ■ Cover seals can be provided for conditions where dust control is desired, or where grinding must be done under a closed inert gas system. ■ Torque meter is available including torque and speed sensor read-out. ■ Media discharge valves can also be installed. ■ Variable frequency drives and controls are available. ATTRITOR MODEL SD-5 SD-10 SD-15 SD-30 SD-50 SD-100 SD-200 SD-250 Gross Tank Volume (gals) 9 16 24 52 81 155 255 288 Material Capacity (gals) 2-3 4-6 5-7 10-18 15-25 30-50 60-100 75-125 Media Volume (gals) 5 9 12 25 37 75 150 187 HP* 5-10 10-20 15-25 25-60 40-75 60-125 125-200 150-200 Height (H) 79" 83" 86" 96" 104" 114" 126" 136" Floor Space (W x D) 34"x68" 59"x41" 59"x41" 66"x44" 74"x48" 84"x58" 94"x64" 106"x68" Machine Weight 2000 2400 2800 3500-5500 4500-6000 5600-7900 11,000- 14,000- (lbs) w/o media 14,000 16,000 ENGINEERING DATA SDL-50 SD-30 Discharge Valve Handle Tank Swing D W H Sealed cover with ceramic-lined tank, zirconium oxide sleeved arms, and actuated discharge assembly. Explosion-proof electricals. Special cover with brush seal and vent and metering discharge valve assembly. 75 HP, variable frequency drive, TEFC electricals. CE Marked. 3