HSA SERIES Features and Options ■ Fully integrated system ■ Stainless steel grinding chamber ■ High speed, high volume production ■ Equipped with ammeter ■ Fully jacketed grinding tank for temperature control ■ T.E.F.C. or explosion-proof electricals available ■ Efficient side discharge ■ Can be equipped with a metering pump for grinding aid ■ Exceptionally fine grinding * May vary depending on application. HSA-30 HSA Attritors feature a patented design concept that includes a unique grinding tank internal configuration which allows higher shaft speeds, finer grinding, and continuous operation with side discharge. A series of specially shaped agitating arms and diverter discs are mounted along the longitudinal axis of the agitator shaft. This engineering design makes it possible to use smaller grinding media, operate at higher shaft RPM, and increase residence time of the material to be processed to insure a finer grind. ATTRITOR MODEL HSA-10 HSA-20 HSA-30 HSA-50 HSA-100 HP 20 40 50 75 150 Gross Tank Volume (gal) 10.3 18.7 28.6 43.4 85.0 Media Volume* (gal) 3.8 7.6 11.4 19.0 38.0 Height (H) 87" 89" 91" 99" 113" Floor Space (W x D) 65"x32" 73"x 34" 76"x35" 91"x46" 98"x50" Discharge Height (X) 21" 16" 13" 16" 16" Machine Weight (lbs) w/o media 2600 3300 3700 5100 7400 ENGINEERING DATA HSA-100 H X D W 5