RESEARCH ATTRITOR 01 SERIES MODELS 01 HD-01 HD-01 HDDM-01 HDDM-01 electronic electronic mechanical electronic mechanical Tank Capacity (cc)**** 750 or 1400 750 or 1400 750 or 1400 750 or 1400 750 or 1400 Working Capacity (cc)*** 250 or 500 250 or 500 250 or 500 175 or 350 175 or 350 Media Volume (cc)*** 380 or 760 380 or 760 380 or 760 280 or 560 280 or 560 HP 1/4 1/2 1/4 1 1/2 Voltage** 110/230 208/230/460 208/230/460 208/230/460 208/230/46 1 phase 3 phase* 3 phase* 3 phase* 3 phase* Variable Speed Drive System electronic electronic mechanical electronic mechanical Explosion-Proof Motor no optional yes optional yes Height (in./mm) 33/838 36/914 39/991 36/914 39/991 Bench Space (in./mm) 12x21/305x533 21x27/533x686 17x36/432x914 21x27/533x686 17x38/432x965 Weight (lbs./kg) 80/36 220/100 240/109 220/100 250/113 Dimensions and weights are approximate and subject to change. *On special order, a 110/220 single phase motor may be ordered. **60 Hz standard. 50 Hz/380 V, 3 phase available. ***Based on stainless steel tank. ****Tank capacities are approximate. 5 The 01 Series Attritors offer users great flexibility as all models share the same column and interchangeable tank design. All models have water cooled jackets for cooling (or heating) and quick water disconnects for removing the tank. These mills are great research tools for formulating, testing, feasibility studies, quality control, and basic research when quantities are small. Results are repeatable. 01 Series Attritors are easy to clean and require no shaft seals. The HD-01 and 01 Models are designed for media from 1/8" to 1/4". They have shafts with arms and run at RPMs from 100 to 650 and can be used for wet or dry grinding. The Model HDDM-01 is designed for small media ranging from 0.25mm (or smaller) to 2mm. These models have shafts with special discs (similar to those used on the Union Process DMQX™ Bead Mill) and typically run at RPMs from 1,500 to 3,000. The HDDM-01 features a special one-piece cover with charging port and media deflector. This mill is recommended for wet grinding only. MODEL 01 The Model 01 is the most basic model in the 01 Series. It comes with a light duty frame, 110 volt AC motor with variable electronic speed, and no RPM reading. A Model 01 cannot be made explosion-proof. MODEL HD-01/HDDM-01 A special HD-01/HDDM-01 combination system is available. In minutes, the RPM of the shaft can be changed from slower HD-01 mode to higher HDDM-01 mode and vice versa. Simply release the belt guard (equipped with quick disconnects), move the belt to an alternative set of pulleys and replace the guard. The appropriate coupling, shaft and cover also must be changed. This system is available with either drive. CHOICE OF TWO DRIVE SYSTEMS All HD-01 and HDDM-01 Models are available with either of the following two drives: 1. An explosion-proof mechanical variable speed drive system with tachometer. 2. A non-explosion-proof electronic variable frequency drive system. LCD display will be programmed to show agitator RPM, motor AMPS, and motor HP being used. This can be made explosion-proof if the drive controls can be installed in a safe area away from the machine. On the machine is a mechanical tachometer and an operator station with an ON/OFF button and speed potentiometer. An optional explosion-proof readout of motor AMPS is available. Belt guard raised to show pulleys for quick change-over from Model HDDM-01 to HD-01 mode. Gauge on the column, which shows clearance between the bottom of the shaft and tank.