SD-1 ATTRITOR with electronic variable frequency drive (VFD) and metering valve and grid 8 47" 26" Variable Frequency Drive Quick Disconnects for Cooling Water Pressure Gauge Intakes for the MECO Seal and Tank Out In Tank Slides Forward and Tilts for Media Discharge and Fast Cleaning Coupling/ Shaft Guard Locking Collars for Adjusting Shaft Height (see detail page 9) Grease Fitting Lift Lug One-Piece Stainless Steel Cover with Brush Seal and Charging Port Spout Ring Location of Metering Valve and Grid (for Attritor with Ball Valve and Grid, see detail page 9) Removable Tank 40" S-1 SERIES * If a MECO sealed cover is ordered with the Attritor, the controls with gauges are mounted on the mill. If the MECO sealed cover is ordered later, the frame comes pre-drilled and tapped so it is easy to install these controls with gauges on the side of the frame. *