LABORATORY ATTRITOR MODELS S-1, SC-1, and SD-1 The S-1 Batch Attritor is a versatile, reliable, rugged laboratory-size machine designed to meet virtually all lab grinding and dispersing needs — either wet or dry. It allows easy and precise scale-up to production size equipment with reproducible results from batch to batch. It is also suitable for small production or pilot plant work. The S-1 also is available in two additional configurations for specific applications. ■ SC-1 — designed for tungsten carbide milling and uses tungsten carbide media and is supplied with tungsten carbide sleeved agitator arms. ■ SD-1 — equipped for dry grinding, includes a metering valve or ball valve and stainless steel cover with floating brush seal for dust control. For continuous operation, disks are added to the shaft. The Models S-1, SC-1, and SD-1 are designed for media ranging from 1/8" to 3/8" and run at RPMs of 100 to 500. All share the following features: ■ Variable shaft RPM. ■ Adjustable agitator shaft height to accommodate different size grinding media (see top right). ■ Bottom discharge grid with valve for easy sampling and discharge (see bottom right). ■ Tank slides forward and tips 90° for media discharge and fast cleaning. ■ Jacketed for cooling (or heating). ■ Quick disconnects for cooling water. MODEL SDM-1 The Model SDM-1 is designed for grinding media ranging from 0.25mm to 2mm. The SDM-1 has a shaft with specially designed discs and runs at RPMs of 300 to 2000. It has its own frame, and its tanks are not interchangeable with S-1, SC-1, or SD-1 models. It has a side discharge screen and valve, and the tank tilts for ease of cleaning. The SDM-1 comes with a special stainless steel one-piece cover with charging port. It does not require a shaft seal. The Model SDM-1 is available with either a stainless steel, alumina- or zirconium-lined tank. Agitator disks are available in tool steel, stainless steel, plastic, or zirconium oxide. CHOICE OF TWO DRIVE SYSTEMS All models in the S-1 Series are available with either of the following two drives: 1. An electronic variable frequency drive system with a LCD display that will be programmed to show agitator RPM, motor AMPS, and motor HP being used. This can be made explosion-proof when drive controls are installed in a safe area away from the machine. On the machine is a mechanical tachometer and an operator station with an ON/OFF button and speed potentiometer. An optional explosion-proof readout of motor AMPS is available. 2. An explosion-proof mechanical variable speed drive system with tachometer. Dimensions and weights are approximate and subject to change. *60 Hz standard. 50 Hz/380 V, 3 phase available. Based on a Stainless Steel Tank 9 S-1 SERIES MODELS S-1/SC-1/SD-1 S-1/SC-1/SD-1 SDM-1 SDM-1 electronic mechanical electronic mechanical Tank Capacity (gal./liters) 1.5/5.7 2.5/9.5 1.5/5.7 2.5/9.5 2.9/11.0 2.9/11.0 Working Capacity (gal./liters)* 0.7/2.7 1.1/4.2 0.7/2.7 1.1/4.2 0.8/3.0 0.8/3.0 Media Volume (gal./liters)* 1.0/3.8 1.5/5.7 1.0/3.8 1.5/5.7 1.25/4.7 1.25/4.7 HP-standard use 3 3 2 2 5 5 HP-(SC) for tungsten carbide media 3 5 2 3 — — HP-(SD) for dry grinding 3 5 2 3 — — HP-(SD) for mechanical alloying 5 7.5 3 5 — — Voltage* 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 230/460 3 phase 3 phase 3 phase 3 phase 3 phase 3 phase Variable Speed Drive System electronic electronic mechanical mechanical electronic mechanical Height (in./mm) 47/1194 47/1194 48/1219 48/1219 60/1524 60/1524 Bench Space (in./mm) 26x40/660x1016 26x40/660x1016 25x50/635x1270 25x50/635x1270 31x46/787x1165 31x54/787x1372 Weight (lbs./kg) 650/295 700/318 750/340 850/386 1400/635 1600/726 Adjustable Agitator Shaft Detail Bottom of tank showing ball valve and plug for draining water jacket.