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Mixing Tanks

processing tank
pre-mixing tank

Union Process manufactures a broad line of premix or processing tanks used for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Applications include:

• Adhesives
• Agricultural flowables
• Calcium carbonate
• Carbon black
• Catalysts
• Ceramic slip
• Chemicals
• Clays
• Food products
• Inks
• Metal oxide slurries
• Minerals/oils
• Paints/coatings
• Pigments/dyes
• Resins
• Sulphur dispersions

Union Process premix or processing tanks are used in a variety of industries including:

• Chemical
• Inks
• Paints/coatings
• Lithium ion batteries
• Lime/limestone
• Ceramics
• Latex dispersions
• Adhesives


Mixing tanks range in size from 5 gallons up to 1,000 gallons
PT 5 PT 10 PT 25 PT 50
PT 75 PT 250 PT 500 PT 1000

Mixing tanks can be equipped with:

Axial Flow Impellers
Turbines are generally used when good bottom to top flow is required, ex. solids suspension. Shaft speeds are typically in the hundreds range.

High Shear Disperser Blades
Used when high shear is required for applications such as breakup of agglomerates. Shaft speeds are typically in the thousands range.

Tank Jacketing
Tanks can be jacketed for cooling.

Stirring Assemblies
Anchor stirring assemblies available.


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