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Equipment refurbishing (also referred to as rebuilding, re-manufacturing or reconditioning) is yet another soluton offered by Union Process. For used Union Process equipment purchased on the secondary market or older models in need of reconditioning, enhancement or upgrades to present standards, the refurbishing process employed by Union Process restores equipment to “like new” condition. Combining authentic OEM parts and Union Process expertise, refurbishing equipment is an alternative choice where budgetary constraints do not allow for the purchase of a new mill.

Typical Steps in Refurbishing

  • Receive machine and make initial visual inspection
  • Replace all missing parts with authentic OEM parts
  • Replace all wearing parts with new parts (arms, grids, etc.) when required
  • Check tank for wall thickness wear
  • Inspect motor for proper operation
  • Rebuild gear reducer, if required
  • Replace hoses and valves, if required
  • Test and re-certify machine to OEM specs and prepare to ship.

With Union Process refurbished or new equipment, customers can always count on quality. Simplicity of design means easy operation, low maintenance, and readily available parts. It all adds up to lowering the risk of purchasing second hand equipment and providing a solid return on your investment.

Contact Union Process today for help in refurbishing or reconditioning your old Attritor.

  • Union Process combines its extensive expertise with authentic OEM parts to refurbish old or second-hand Attritors
    Union Process can restore older model Attritors into “like new” condition
  • Union Process Attritor before refurbishing
    Union Process Attritor after refurbishing